Get To Know Our New Service Manager: Alix Garth-Greeves


8th February 2022

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Back in December, all of us here at Antune were very excited to announce that Alix Garth-Greeves had been promoted to become Anatune’s Service Manager. Now that Alix has had a little time to settle into this pivotal role, we speak to her to find out how her new responsibilities and what she will be looking to achieve to ensure Anatune remains the leading provider of automated analytical solutions and the very finest customer service and support.


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In your role as Anatune’s Service Manager, what will your new responsibilities be?

I will be taking on the responsibility of managing all operations of the Service department. Behind the scenes I’ll be looking after the scheduling and all things that run the service department as our customers know it.

I will still be looking after the service sales side too, particularly maintaining our service contracts and the non-contractual work. I will be working with my team to find ways to bring about change and improvement so we’re as lean and efficient as can be.


What will you be your key objectives?

COVID has effected so many of us in different ways and the Service department is no different. In the short-term we will be looking at our contractual work and forecasting for the longer term, this will allow us to better monitor the demands and plan for those inevitable schedule changes.

In the mid-term we will be focusing on behind the scenes processes and procedures to enable us to improve our overall efficiency.

And long-term we will be working on updating our training and hopefully reaping the benefits of that work. And we hope that in the not too distant future our engineers will work more and more regionally, closer to their home location, to again promote the utmost efficiency.


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How will these enable Anatune to better serve the needs of our customers?

Customers should notice an improved level of communication. Anatune stands out for me as delivering excellent customer service and with the restructure we should see the results of that even more.

Quicker responses to technical advise and on-site responses should increase too. Service contracts will continue to renew on time and PMs delivered right on schedule.

Forming and developing our network of regional engineers will also enable us to forge even closer working relationships with our customers. As a customer of Anatune, you will get to know your engineer better, and our engineers will gain an even deeper understanding of your unique needs and research objectives.


Which Scientists and/or Leaders do you most admire? Either current day or from the past?

I’m going to put a twist on this. In science we have many great leaders and influential people leading an ever-changing discipline, learning and developing new skills and knowledge along the way.

For me, as my focus is to bring about change and improvement to our service department, I perhaps admire a principle and strive to implement and embed into our culture more than a particular individual.

Kaizen is the principle of continuous improvement and is perhaps most famous in The Toyota Way. Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “change for better”, referring to one-time or continuous, small or large changes.

As mentioned in my short, mid and long term objectives, this principle will lead us to making the right changes so that the right process will produce the right results.



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