GC Analysis with LC Prep

Martin Perkins

12th August 2015

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“We have been totally spoiled by the LC-triple quad. There’s no messing around with sample preparation and we can throw a load of compounds into a single suite and, with a bit of tinkering, get them to run easily.

Unfortunately, some of the compounds of interest just won’t work on LC, so we are stuck with GC-MS; if only GC-MS would work like LC-MS!”

This statement summarised conversations I have had many time with water industry analysts.

This wish can be restated as a desire to walk up to a GC-MS with a vial of water, place it into the autosampler, press the go button and do nothing more until it is time to collect the report.

Direct aqueous injection into a GC-MS isn’t a dream that is likely to be fulfilled anytime soon, but it is getting increasingly easy to do something else which gives all of the same benefits as LC-MS/MS.

What I am referring to is automated sample preparation, coupled to GC-MS.

In parallel to LC-MS, GC-MS has undergone its own revolution and the improvements in sensitivity, selectivity and signal to noise this has brought, just makes the automation of sample preparation easier.

As the signal to noise performance of GC-MS has improved, this, together with large volume injection (now a mature and robust technique), means we can work with smaller samples and this makes full automation of some GC-MS suites entirely possible.

Automated liquid-liquid extraction and automated solid phase extraction work, and some labs are already doing this with a great success.

If you don’t enjoy the drudgery of manually prepping your GC-MS sample suites – just automate it.

There is an investment in time and money needed, but Anatune can help with this. We can do some work to prove the feasibility of what you might want to do and help you implement the solution if you decide to proceed.

The payback can be very fast, machines don’t make human errors and you can spend your time doing more productive work.

We can provide fully automated, integrated solutions based on Agilent’s robust GC-MS platforms.

Applications you could think about include:

  • GC-MS Scans
  • PAH’s
  • OCP’s
  • Taste and odour compounds

If this has given you pause for thought, please contact us and we can see what is possible:

Call: 01223 279210 or email: enquiries@anatune.co.uk.