Enter the Omni-Sampler…

Martin Perkins

27th March 2013

Whole air sampling using inert canisters offers significant advantages over sampling with tubes, and labs are beginning to embrace this technology, in no small part because the labs own customers (who have to take field samples), love the convenience and simplicity of working with canisters.

For the analyst who works with large volumes of air, the sizable amount of water contained in the samples can be a critical problem.  Liquid phase water can induce activity in both the instrument and the column and even vapour phase water can do funny things to the mass spec, if there is enough of it around.

Four years ago, when Entech introduced the 7150, its innovative ‘Active SPME’ trapping system provided the best moisture removal system we had ever seen, not only did it remove pretty much all of the water from large gas phase samples, but it did so in a way that enabled polar volatile organics to be transferred to the column without losses, along with the non-polar compounds and many semi-volatiles as well.

The 7150 has done a great job for many users.  It has enabled very low detection limits to be achieved across a wide range of polarities and volatilities, in otherwise difficult circumstances and, like all genuinely new technologies, has proved capable of significant improvements in the light of the feedback obtained from customers running real samples.

This experience has now been incorporated into the new Entech Omni-Sampler Plus.  It offers a much tidier Active SPME system and has a single, more versatile built-in autosampler.  The Omni-Sampler can use every sample container in the Entech catalogue, from 40ml up to 20 x 1.4 litre canisters (by simply changing trays and inserts).  What is more, the canisters can now be heated and this extends the volatility range of analytes that can be usefully catered for.

The Omni-Sampler supports air sampling using canisters up to 1.4 litres in size and also supports large volume headspace, with vials and bottles up to one litre in size.

We think the Omni-Sampler is a very significant new product and are proud to be launching it at our June Conferences.

Details of our twin conferences ‘Automation in the Chromatography Laboratory’ can be found by following the links.

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