Dan’s Thursday Treasures

Martin Perkins

4th October 2017

Applications, Dan Carrier, eApplications, GC/LC/MS, Sample Preparation,

Not all application notes are created equal.

Occasionally, application notes are produced that go on to become classics and form the basis of solutions that many customers find value in.  Some are also way ahead of their time!

If you are subscribed to our eApplications distribution list, you will receive each new application note as soon as it is published – and never hear about it again!

That is about to change.  From now on, every Thursday, Dan Carrier who is our Applications Laboratory Manager, will be going through our vast archive of application notes on automated sample preparation for GC/LC/MS, and picking out some ‘Golden Oldies’.

Welcome to Dan’s Thursday Treasures!

If you are not subscribed to our eApplications distribution list, then why not?  You don’t have to miss out… just let us know which groups you would like to join here, and we will take care of the rest!