LCGC SIFT-MS Webinar: High-Sensitvity and High-Throughput Food and Flavour Marker Analysis in Real-Time


26th May 2021

June 8, 2021 -


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Tuesday, 8th June 2021 sees the first of LCGC’s 2021 Europe Webinar Series, featuring a presentation from Anatune Senior Application Chemist and SIFT-MS Specialist, Mark Perkins.

Dedicated to food and flavour analysis, the webinar will introduce and explain selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT–MS) – a recent tool to advance the food chemist’s analytical kit.

SIFT–MS is applied for fast, sensitive, selective, and robust analysis of volatile compounds in food directly and with headspace at trace levels. SIFT–MS analyzes chemically diverse flavour, packaging and marker compounds like for freshness/degradation monitoring in real–time, including amines, organosulfurs and volatile fatty acids. Throughout the webinar, the benefits of SIFT–MS for flavour analysis will be demonstrated using various application examples, including objective sensory screening, packaging testing, process quality assurance applications, and freshness marker monitoring.

Participants in this digital event will be able to:

  • Discover the fundamental features of SIFT–MS (selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry), including its ability to analyze samples selectively and comprehensively in a simple and ultrafast procedure
  • Learn how real–time analysis using SIFT–MS can provide great insight into flavour, packaging and process marker release and monitoring
  • Understand how SIFT–MS can enhance new product development, through to product QA/QC, saving time and money, and reducing product losses.


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Anatune Speaker: Mark Perkins, Senior Applications Chemist and SIFT-MS Specialist

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Mark Perkins is a senior applications chemist here at Anatune and a global authority in automated SIFT-MS. Mark has extensive experience in both conventional chromatographic methods as well as SIFT-MS. Prior to joining Anatune in 2015, he spent 12 years as a senior analyst and will bring all of his extensive and unique knowledge to this SIFT-MS webinar.