Scottish Metabolomics Network Virtual Symposium 2021


18th November 2021

November 23, 2021 - November 24, 2021

The Scottish Metabolomics Network Virtual Symposium 2021

Tuesday 23rd – Wednesday 24th November 2021


Anatune will be presenting at the virtual The Scottish Metabolomics Network Symposium 2021 to help you learn more about how automation can help with metabolic profiling.

SMN was established with the aim of encouraging the exchange of experiences and ideas between researchers working in the field of metabolomics and lipidomics. With representatives across all fields of application, from plants and microbes in food, nutritional and natural product research, through to an array of clinical areas, as well as biotechnology and Mass Spectrometry, the two-day virtual event will discuss advances and challenges in metabolomic analysis and its applications.

There are a range of presentations and posters from seasoned academics as well as colleagues from industry highlighting some of their latest developments. And Anatune will be presenting ground-breaking work into the benefits of analytical automation.


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Time & Date: 15: – 15:30. Wednesday, 24th November 2021

Title: The Missing Tile in Metabolomic Profiling: How Automation Can Help

Authors: Camilla Liscio, Mark Perkins

Presenter: Mark Perkins


The metabolome has a diverse and sensitive nature as a direct reflection of its capability of capturing perturbations in metabolic pathways even after minor stimuli. Hence, execution of metabolomics studies must guarantee analytical consistency, optimal information recovery and minimal intra group variability to successfully explore insights on the inter groups variation. To achieve that, thorough considerations need to be made to limit the sources of variation and choose the most suitable instrumentation for analysis.

The metabolome’s chemical complexity demands access to a diversity of analytical approaches and instrumental platforms to address the physical chemical properties of all the metabolites of interest. Instrumentation choice is often or only focused on the bottom end of the analytical workflow, i.e., the analysis. Hyphenated techniques such as HR-GC-MS and HR-LC-MS are well-established techniques of choice. But this approach leaves out one of the essential parts of any analytical workflow, sample preparation. In fact, despite the excellent performances of the latest available hyphenated techniques, good quality data for complex matrices can only be achieved when counting on a robust and reproducible sample preparation. It is within this perspective that the on-line automation of sample preparation finds its perfect scope.

The appeal of automated sample prep does not lie only in very good method robustness and batch-to-batch reproducibility. The extremely accurate flow control (down to 0.1µL/s) in liquid handling and the ability to control timing accurately (e.g. incubation time for derivatisation purposes) open the doors to what could be considered “high performance” sample preparation. Online automated sample preparation coupled to either GC-MS or LC-MS is an instrumental solution which could provide at the same time:


  1. Versatility by offering a wide diversity of analytical techniques to address the chemical complexity of the metabolome
  2. Sensitivity by giving access to enrichment and de-complexification options which could help increasing analyte concentration factor and reducing matrix load prior to analysis
  3. Uniformity by allowing the use of the same exact comprehensive platform in all metabolomics research centres


An automated sample preparation platform not only combines – on the same physical piece of instrumentation – a large assortment of techniques suited to address the chemical complexity (e.g., smartSPE®, DiLLME, Mitra®) but it also allows for miniaturization of the process which is beneficial when dealing with limited amounts of precious biological samples.

This talk will give an overview of options for automating metabolomics relevant workflows and will showcase current work done in collaboration with existing customers working with metabolic profiling.


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