Overcoming the Barriers to Lab Automation Webcast 3/5: Can I Trust Automation to Deliver the Promised Benefits?


9th October 2023


Event Overview:   An analytical chemist faces a myriad of challenges including the need for increased throughput, dealing with increasingly complex samples, meeting ever more stringent analytical performance requirements, and improving the sustainability of their analyses. Automation and integration of sample preparation and analysis workflows can achieve all these goals, but making the transition from manual sample preparation and analysis to automated and scaled down approaches can be daunting. By investing some time in learning automation and integration of sample preparation and analysis, it can help achieve higher sample throughput, improve sensitivity and reproducibility, solve complex sample preparation problems, and reduce your environmental impact.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand which types of analysis can be automated
  • Reduce the fear factors for adopting automation into your workflow
  • Learn the vast number of automated sample preparation and instrumental analysis introduction systems available to you
  • Learn how automation can help achieve higher sample throughput as well as improve sensitivity and reproducibility

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone who feels that automation ‘is not for me’
  • Analytical chemists who believe that automation is a threat to their livelihood
  • Anyone who is open minded to realizing the benefits of automation
  • Those who wish to optimize the accuracy and reproducibility of their analysis
  • Anyone who is bored with routine sample preparation