Community for Analytical Measurement Science

Martin Perkins

20th February 2018

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For as many years as I can remember, there have been concerns expressed – in many quarters, about the threat posed by declining skills in analytical measurement sciences in the British Isles.

It’s worth pointing out that analytical measurement science matters because the capacity to make dependable chemical measurements, underpins everything that is important to us, and its strategic value is often missed completely.

Now, something is being done to help correct this.

A group of analytical scientists, from academia and industry are working hard to build a new organisation – the Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS-UK) dedicated to creating, for the UK and Ireland, a World class training, research and innovation capability in analytical measurement science.

This is great news for all involved in analytical chemistry, as it is for a wider community that (often unknowingly) depends upon the information we generate.

Anatune is committed to supporting CAMS and you can too.  For more information, visit the CAMS-UK website.