Celebrating 25 Years of Progress: Get to Know the Anatune Team


26th October 2021

2021 sees Anatune celebrate our 25th anniversary. To help celebrate, we’ve sat down with members of our Team to give you an insight into who they are, what they do, and how Anatune is looking to build on 25 Years of Progress. In this edition, we speak to our Support Sales Account Manager, Alix Garth-Greeves, to find out all about her career to date, and discover how Anatune has achieved a quarter of a century in business.


Anatune Support Sales Account Manager, Alix Garth-Greeves


Many thanks for your time, Alix. How long have you worked at Anatune and what are your current responsibilities?

I started at Anatune as an Internal Sales support specialist in March 2020, quickly progressing into my current role of Support Sales Account Manager. My main focus is to manage Service contracts for the UK and IRE. I currently sit in the commercial team at Anatune, but my work falls under our Support function where I am often found helping with scheduling and managing all things Service Sales.


What led you to a career in analytical chemistry?

I have always been fascinated by the sciences, combining that with a logical way of thinking and fascination for discovery I couldn’t see a more fitting subject to study than Forensic Science. I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge with a BSc in Forensic Science in 2012 and subsequently completed my PhD looking at the Detection of NSAIDs in keratinous matrices.


What have been the most significant industry changes since the start of your career?

Watching Liquid Chromatography really take hold and more and more automated sample preparation methods being embraced in ISO accredited laboratories are probably the biggest changes I have experienced in my 10+ year career. I find Analytical Chemists are thought leaders and ever evolving, keeping up with the next big thing, the ability to learn and be open minded is always there if you want it.


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25 Years of success is a fantastic feat; what are the attributes that have enabled Anatune to achieve this?

Attentive to detail, customer focused, thought leading, and a true solutions provider. I can’t put it more simply than that.


What have been your proudest moments at Anatune so far?

Coming into a company that has supported the work by the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB) and Joy Milne sticks in my mind as one of the most significant moments. I can’t wait to be part of the future that sees more. I love coming to work being able to offer and support solutions that solve some really complex workflows. Also the charity work Anatune and the Arch Sciences Group support shows that this is a caring community.


What are your predictions for the future of analytical chemistry/GC,LC,MS over the next 5 – 10 years?

I believe the COVID panademic will shine on the ability of automated sample preparation and the solutions that it offers for remote working. I know as a customer the ability to work remotely was massively favoured and that was pre-covid! I think you will see technological developments when it comes to well plate analysis as the pharmaceutical and CRO industries lead the way. Sensitivities will always increase with new equipment being introduced to the market.


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What do you envisage Anatune achieving in that time-period?

As a Chromatography, Sample Preparation and Automation provider, Anatune will follow the market trends and continue looking into future developments. I firmly believe Anatune will advance, adapt and remain attentive, making sure our products and support exceed where we are even today.


Which three of the world’s biggest brands do you admire the most and why?

Ok I have to start with a firm toddler favourite – John Deere! If you ever want an interesting read about a company starting up, solving a problem, offering a solution, staying fairly family run and basically ending up as the largest agricultural machinery company in the world, then go to the site of big green tractors. Even better, and this is where the toddler comes into it, they have toy merchandise – ending full circle any kids dream sitting in the back of a car holding his green tractor and one passing on the road next to him!

Apple is the next one, watching the technological developments in front of my eyes has been truly amazing. Brilliant solutions, amazing technologies for all, adaptable to the era.

Social media, I’ll be as vague as that as there are some politics that I’m not a fan of, but in general the concept of social media and bringing everyone together is pretty amazing. The solution it offered in the height of a pandemic was pretty unique. It keeps people connected even from a distance.




Which three people, dead or alive, would you invite to your fantasy dinner-party? And why?

Albert Einstein – I would love to hear about his research and life.

Eva Cassidy – I absolutely love her music and wish still was still around to produce more.

Michelle Obama – what a powerful woman and an advocate for many, I find her pretty inspirational.


Which three hobbies or interests help you to relax when you’re away from the office/laboratory?

Crochet is probably the top hobby, learning in lockdown I have found its very good for mindfulness. Even better is seeing the joy on peoples faces when you gift them something you’ve made. Next time you catch me on a teams meeting spot the yarn stash behind me! Next would be a general one, just finding any excuse to be outdoors and visit different places. Then there’s baking, who doesn’t love a cheeky slice of cake!!


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