A Brief History of… SYFT

Martin Perkins

29th June 2017

David Smith, Murray McEwan, Patrick Spanel, Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry, SIFT-MS, Syft Technologies, Vaughan Langford,

This month’s edition of The Analytical Scientist contains a very interesting and informative article by Professor Murray McEwan, Chief Technical Officer at Syft Technologies.  Along with David Smith and Patrick Spanel, Murray was one of the early pioneers of SIFT-MS and was instrumental in developing the commercial instruments that we use today.

The article is a brief history of the (sometimes rocky) road to Syft Technologies’ current position as the leading manufacturer of SIFT-MS instrumentation, as well as touching on future developments to further enhance its capabilities – and is well worth a read.

Vaughan Langford, Director of Applications at Syft Technologies, also contributes – detailing some of the many applications that SIFT-MS has been used for.  One thing that we do know here at Anatune, whatever applications Vaughan can come up with, our customers can come up with more!

So… why not get in touch and see if we can turn your application ideas into reality?