Automation in the Chromatography Laboratory – Our Best Programme Ever?

Martin Perkins

26th March 2013

GERSTEL Multi Purpose Sampler Load a Sample into a TDU

Automating sample preparation for GC/LC/MS

The agenda for our twin conferences “Automation in the Chromatography Laboratory” is now complete and I am sure that this is the best programme we have yet assembled.

The conference’s will be the forum for the European launch of a string of significant new products and I am pleased that in most cases, analysts from the UK and Ireland will have the chance to learn about them before anyone else on this side of the Atlantic. We will write about all of these in more detail over the next few weeks, but here is a flavour of what you will see for the first time if you decide to come along.

The new Teledyne Tekmar AutoMate Q-40 is a robotic work-bench that is dedicated to the full automation of QuEChERS sample preparation prior to analysis by LC-MS or GC-MS.  Anatune is pleased to host its European launch and if you are involved in the analysis of residues in food products, you now have the opportunity to hear about this instrument before anyone else.

The Entech Omni-Sampler is based upon the ground-breaking technology introduced in the 7150 Preconcentrator four years ago, and builds on the experience gained resulting in a second generation instrument that is simpler, and easier to use than its predecessor.

The Omni-Sampler is designed for the pre-concentration of gas phase samples from either canisters or from large volume headspace samples and can do this, even when the sample is saturated with water vapour.

Again, our June conferences will be the venue for the Omni-Sampler’s European launch.

MIDI Sherlock for automated identification of fats and oils. MIDI’s Sherlock system has established itself as a great way of identifying micro-organisms by finger-printing their fatty acid profiles. MIDI are now busy with a solution for the finger-printing of fats and oils using the same technology. For organisations seeking to confirm the identity and quality of their products and raw materials, this new system will have a lot to offer.

In addition to these, there will be presentations covering Agilent Technologies new GC-qTOF, new GERSTEL solution for the automated preparation of fatty acid methyl esters directly from food products, and our new solution for the automated sample preparation and analysis of NDMA in water, using a SPE-GC-triple quadruple mass spectrometer.

You can find details of the agenda for our North of England meeting here and our Southern meeting here.

I hope you can come along…

If you would like to book a place at either conference, you can book on-line, or call Susan Roach on +44 (0)1223 279210, or alternatively reply to this email.