Automate Your Sample Prep and Work Better in 2013

Martin Perkins

15th November 2012


Automated sample preparation LC-MS

Fully automated sample preparation with LC-MS

If you manage an analytical laboratory and use GC-MS and LC-MS, the chances are that sample preparation will form the bulk of the work.

When you are working with samples by hand, sample preparation will:

  • Be the source of the majority of errors that show up
  • Have the largest adverse impact upon the your data quaility
  • Make a very significant contribution to the cost of each and every sample that you run.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here at Anatune, we have considerable expertise in automating sample preparation for all types of analytes, in all types of matrix, using all kinds of sample preparation. We also know all about integrating sample preparation with GC-MS and LC-MS, providing our customers with analytical systems that operate seamlessly, through a single operator interface.

We can offer complete working systems based upon Agilent GC/LC/MS platforms and we have plenty of evidence to show that the systems we build for our customers, that integrate sample preparation with the analyser, give the best quality data for the least work and provide our customers with the lowest cost for each and every sample run.

For a moment, just consider the impact upon your laboratory, if your biggest competitor (internal or external) adopted the approach that I have just outlined – and you didn’t.

If you are planning to buy a new GC-MS or LC-MS over the next 12 months, wouldn’t it be wise to give us a call now?

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