The Power of Fully Automated Sample Preparation for Metabolomics Applications: Proof of Concept

Martin Perkins

24th May 2016

For metabolomic analysis extensive sample sets are required to allow successful differentiation between sample types. Hence, analytical data quality is an essential requirement to highlight true biological variability.  Automation of sample preparation can provide the robustness and reproducibility needed to achieve high quality, informative and reliable datasets, in comparison to manual preparation which can be labour intensive and prone to errors.

A fully automated solution for on-line sample preparation for metabolomics applications was developed.  The solution was used to compare two dried herb species from different brands, processing the data using Agilent Mass Profile Professional software. Due to the complexity of the chromatograms, determining differences visually can be a challenge and high quality data is required for good statistical analysis.  Control of the analytical variability using automated sample preparation allowed us to generate a high-quality dataset which could effectively highlight the biological variability by means of powerful chemometrics tools. Automated sample preparation and powerful processing tools provide a complete solution for metabolomics applications.


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