The Fully On-line Automation of MOX-TMS Derivatisation for Metabolomics Applications

Martin Perkins

23rd November 2016

Metabolomics studies often rely on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) as the analytical platform because of its reproducibility and chromatographic resolution power. However, as compared to from LC-MS and NMR, GC-MS requires chemical derivatisation of the metabolites to increase their volatility and thermal stability and allow their successful detection.

This application note describes the automation of the Methoximation-Trimethylsilyl  (MOX-TMS) derivatisation for serum samples including a protein precipitation step. Blanks and serum samples were fully prepared by the MPS and then injected directly on a GC/Q-TOF MS system for instrumental analysis.

The MOX-TMS was successfully and reproducibly performed as shown by the internal standard Adonitol Areas and RSDs%.

The use of Unknowns Analysis software highlighted the presence of several components in the serum samples and approximately 30% were identified as TMS derivatives.


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