AS216: High-Throughput VOC and Inorganic Gas Analysis: Automated SIFT-MS

Martin Perkins

11th September 2019

High-Throughput VOC and Inorganic Gas Analysis: Automated SIFT-MS:

SIFT-MS is a direct mass spectrometry technique that delivers real-time, comprehensive gas and headspace analysis to ultratrace levels with a wide linear range. The technique couples ultrasoft, precisely controlled chemical ionisation with mass spectrometric detection to rapidly quantify VOCs and permanent gases to low-ppt concentrations by volume.

Coupling the instrument to an autosampler is a simple and cost-effective way to leverage extremely high sample throughput for VOC and Inorganic Gas Analysis, using a variety of different techniques – Static Headspace Analysis (SHA), Multiple Headspace Extraction (MHE) and Continuous Headspace Analysis (CHA), in addition to sample bag and canister analysis.

Utilising these techniques for High-Throughput VOC and Inorganic Gas Analysis provides a fast, highly sensitive, selective and non-discriminatory analysis.



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