Further Development of Spiking Thermal Desorption Tubes Using GERSTEL Tube Spiking System and TD3.5+

Martin Perkins

26th September 2018

Manual spiking of thermal desorption tubes is time consuming and repetitive and consequently has significant potential for human error. Automated tube spiking can offer many benefits including improvement in precision and accuracy as well as time savings and reduced health and safety concerns for analysts. The GERSTEL TSS was evaluated for spiking a range of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) as an extension to the work previously performed with Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Tubes were subsequently thermally desorbed using the TD3.5+ directly into the GC-MS with Selected Ion Monitoring (SIM) acquisition. Reproducibility was evaluated by GC-MS analysis at Anatune and GC-FID at the customer’s site. Both sets of results demonstrated good precision with RSDs generally less than 6% in line with industry acceptable limits.


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