Fully Automated Solution for the Extraction of Non-Polar Pesticides by GC

Martin Perkins

25th November 2015

Pesticide Levels in the environment are subject to strict control and measurement. Non-polar pesticides have a low solubility in water, but have the potential to bio accumulate in the lipids of plants and animals at potentially toxic levels. Manual extraction procedures use large volumes of sample and solvent and can be time consuming and prone to analyst errors. This application note presents an automated liquid-liquid extraction and analysis method for a selection of non-polar pesticides using a dual head GERSTEL MPS and Agilent Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS. Good linearity was achieved for the majority of the 55 analytes and RSDs <5% were obtained for the internal standards (n=6). This work demonstrates the potential of automating routine extraction procedures whilst maintaining method performance.


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