Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluids: Automated SPE Extraction and LC-MS/MS Determination Using a Robotic Autosampler

Martin Perkins

16th October 2019

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is one of the sample preparation methods most widely used by chromatographers but can be tedious and time consuming when performed manually. On the other hand, automated SmartSPEā„¢ using the MPS roboticpro autosampler under MAESTRO control can offer a very time-effective and highly performing alternative for several applications.

In this study, GERSTEL developed a SmartSPEā„¢-LC-MS/MS solution to specifically address the automation of sample preparation for oral fluid, a very common matrix for drug testing. The developed method successfully detected over 50 drugs of abuse and internal standards in the oral fluid samples, proving very good performances for linearity, accuracy and precision which meet requirements for forensic applications.


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