Design of Experiment (DoE) and GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS): a Match Made in Heaven

Martin Perkins

17th January 2018

The general approach to method development and optimisation is the one-variable-at-a-time (OVAT) approach. However, statistically designed experiments that can vary several variables simultaneously are significantly more efficient at exploring a complex experimental space. Design of Experiment (DoE) is one such approach. This application note describes a DoE approach to picolinyl derivatisation of fatty acids. A 37 component mix was used and reagent volume, mixing speed, incubation temperature and time were varied. Once an optimum set of parameters were identified, repeatability and reproducibility was determined on two sets of three replicate samples. Repeatability of between 2 and 20% and reproducibility of between 6 and 24% were achieved. The use of the GERSTEL MPS enabled the DOE experiments to be performed with ease, changing the variables consistently and within a single sequence run without the need for operator intervention.


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