Automation of On-line Sample Preparation for LC Applications

Martin Perkins

1st March 2017

The vast majority of analytical methods involve some sample preparation and this can often be very repetitive and time consuming.  On-line automation of sample preparation can not only guarantee control over the way the sample is prepared through the whole batch but can also significantly optimise time and analyst efforts. This application note describes the automation of sample preparation procedures routinely used in the pharmaceutical industry for high throughput liquid chromatography (LC) applications.

Fully automated methods for on-line sample preparation of three product samples (tablet, lozenge and liquid) were developed.  The fully automated work flow was used to prepare 9 replicates of each product and very good RSD% (0.7-1%) were obtained for all preparations analysed by LC-UV.

Advantages of automation of sample preparation include a reduction in analytical variability and time savings for analysts previously performing repetitive manual preparation steps. The fully automated preparation and analysis solution enables analysts to use the saved time for more challenging tasks including data analysis and reporting, hence streamlining workflows.


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