Analysis of Human Cell Lines Using Automatic Tube Exchange (ATEX) and GC-MS

Martin Perkins

10th July 2019

GlaxoSmithKline were interested in measuring volatile components from cell lines.  Due to the confidentiality of this project no further information can be given on these samples. However, this application note details the approach taken which could be applied generically to volatile analytes in a non-volatile matrix. The non-volatile cell lines were pelleted from a suspension using a centrifuge. Automatic Tube Exchange (ATEX) was used to enable analysis of the volatile and semivolatile components by GC-MS leaving the non-volatile matrix behind, preventing system contamination. Two different pelleted cell lines were analysed and chemometrics was applied to the data to find key analytes between the two different samples. Principal Components Analysis showed separate clusters for the two sample populations and compounds responsible for the separation were further investigated. This work demonstrates the suitability of ATEX for volatile analysis of similar sample types.


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