A Fully Automated Offline Solution for the Analysis of Amino Acids by GC-MS

Martin Perkins

27th July 2017

Amino acids are both key metabolites in primary metabolism and the structural building blocks of proteins.  With a diverse range of structures and properties, routine amino acid analysis is done in a range of sectors including:

  • Diagnosis & management of metabolic diseases
  • Biomedical research and epidemiological studies in animal/human health and nutrition (e.g. branched chain amino acids are predictive biomarkers of metabolic syndrome)
  • Routine food testing for compliance with regulations or food labelling requirements (e.g. histamine, collagen, protein, aspartame/phenylalanine, protein content)
  • Large scale field/breeding trials for plant quality of nutritional traits
  • Food and agriculture science: studying flavour formation during cooking; managing/predicting acrylamide formation potential of raw materials (grain or potatoes) for baked or fried products
  • Metabolic flux analysis (fluxomics) in biochemical studies
  • Fermentation reaction monitoring (biopharma, industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology)
  • Peptide/protein characterisation and QC



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