Celebrating 25 Years of Progress: Get To Know Our Leadership Team


1st July 2021

2021 sees Anatune celebrate our 25 anniversary. To help celebrate, we’ve sat down with our Leadership Team to give you an insight into who they are, what they do, and how Anatune is looking to build on 25 Years of Progress. In this edition, we speak to Anatune Sales Manager, Kevin Boyce, to find out all about his career to date, and discover how Anatune has achieved a quarter of a century in business.


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Many thanks for your time, Kevin. How long have you worked at Anatune and what are your current responsibilities?

I’ve been working for Anatune for 8 months. In that time, I have progressed from Account Manager to Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland. In this role I’m responsible for all of Anatune’s commercial sales activities and lead a team of salespeople covering Customer Accounts, Business Development and Support Sales.


What led you to a career in analytical chemistry?  

I’ve always been fascinated by science and have worked in the industry for 15 years now. I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Master’s degree in 2006. Form there, I went to work at Varian Inc (now Agilent Technologies) as Graduate Trainee. This traineeship really opened my eyes to the industry and being able to get hands on with brand new kit in a new laboratory was a real privilege at such an early stage of my career.


What have been the most significant industry changes since the start of your career?

Throughout my career I’ve been a home-based employee and with that I have combined extensive International and Domestic travel. This has enabled me to meet Scientists, Colleagues and Customers regularly in regions such as America, Australia, Japan, India, and Europe. Since the Global Pandemic, everything in terms of travel and face-to-face physical interactions has changed. But what I have found is that through the medium of video-conferencing, the world has got smaller. This is evident across the Scientific Community, where I’ve seen a deeper sense of collaboration across the Academic Community and Industrial partners to help progress Science and enrich our lives.


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25 Years of success is a fantastic feat; what are the attributes that have enabled Anatune to achieve this? 

As the leading provider of Automated Analytical Instruments, Applications and Customer Support, Anatune has always stood out for me. Both as a true end to end solutions provider, but also as a clear thought-leader in the marketplace. It’s a business I’ve always admired from the sidelines and I’m now proud to be a part of its future.


What have been your proudest moments at Anatune so far?

As a relatively new employee to Anatune I am excited to be part of its future and help drive us forward. As part of a group of businesses, I’m particularly proud of the rapport and culture built up across the Arch Sciences Group. The Charity work that has been done for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Glasgow Children’s Hospital, Wythenshawe Foodbank and Marie Curie to name a few has really reinforced the fact that I am working with colleagues who care about science and their communities.


What are your predictions for the future of analytical chemistry/GC,LC,MS over the next 5 – 10 years?

The instrument market will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. As a business professional, I think we must not only look domestically, but also globally to make these predictions. Across Asia, we’re seeing a significant increase in Testing for Environmental, Safety and Public Health. This is matched by continued growth across the USA too, with some of the longer-term monitoring that is now in place in the USA for individuals exposed directly and indirectly to PFAS and the increasing concerns of future viruses & detection of disease.


As Anatune Sales manager, what do you envisage the company achieving in that time-period?

As an end-to-end solutions provider, Anatune are uniquely placed to serve customers from beginning to end. In my experience, this can be something that many companies say they can do. However,  in practice very few can actually deliver. In the UK, we are continually seeing increasing demand for more Automated, Accurate and Faster Analysis. As a business, Anatune is uniquely positioned to be able to offer the widest portfolio of Automation and Mass Spectrometry Detectors of any company I have ever worked for. Combining this with technical knowledge to develop, support and maintain our customers throughout their journey, I see a strong future for Anatune.


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Which three of the world’s biggest brands do you admire the most and why?

I truly admire brands that stand the test of time. And in our 25th Year, I strongly believe Anatune are doing this. Looking wider afield, I appreciate brands that have used science and engineering to continue to improve their products and services. As a motor enthusiast, I spend a lot of time reading or discussing high end motor brands and fine watches. It’s the appreciation of thought and engineering that goes into these products that really sets them aside. As such,  I would have to name Porsche, Rolex, and Apple as my top three.


Which three people, dead or alive, would you invite to your fantasy dinner-party? And why?

Martin Luther King, Alan Turing & Princess Diana.

I’ve always been a strong champion of Equal rights. And I often feel challenged by how so much progress can be made in some parts of the world, yet so little in others. I genuinely feel that a dinner-party conversation with these three would really steer some positive outputs, actions, and powerful stories.


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Which three hobbies or interests help you to relax when you’re away from the office/laboratory?

When not at my desk, I’m constantly on the move! Whether that’s running, cycling, walking the dog, or heading out for a drive. I love to be outdoors and close to nature. As a big music fan and growing up in a very musical household, I’m also usually to be found with Headphones in my ears!


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