Element eApps – Water and Environmental Application Notes on Tap

Martin Perkins

16th March 2017

Applications, eApps, Environmental, Jeff Stubbs, Water,

At the recent Agilent Environmental and Food Meeting, I had a number of delegates asking me for the most recent application notes that Element have been publishing.  Some of these were showcased in the presentations at the event and this was what got them wanting to know more.

I asked them if they were members of Element’s eApps subscription service, and there were a few who weren’t.

eApps is a subscription based service available to anyone who may be interested in the latest developmental application notes from Element, and our partners.  When a new application note is published, this is sent straight to your inbox so you can keep up with the latest developments.

But we don’t want to bombard you with material that is not relevant to your interests, so to ensure we keep these applications focused to your specific interests, when you subscribe, you are able to select what you want to receive.

The Water and Environmental section is well-subscribed already, especially with the success of the recent Agilent Meeting, so if you’re interested in subscribing, please click here.

Here is a flavour of what you can expect to receive if you subscribe.