Analysing Flavours, Aromas and Off-Flavours with the GERSTEL 1D/2D

Martin Perkins

23rd October 2012

Testing the compexities of wine flavours

Wine volatiles are the key to its quality

If you are involved in the analysis of any consumer products (foods, beverages, personal care products and the like), you will be well aware of the pressure to stay ahead of consumer tastes and the imperative to respond instantly to consumer complaints.

However skilled you may be (and analysts in this arena tend to be highly skilled), you have to have the right tools to get the work done efficiently.

The GERSTEL 1D/2D is based upon the Agilent GC-MSD and has been designed to be the ultimate analytical tool kit for this kind of work. It combines a large battery of different automated sampling techniques, with a GC-MS that can be switched easily between conventional one dimensional GC-MS and  two-dimensional mode, as circumstances require. The package is rounded off with an Olfactory Detection port and can even accommodate a fraction collector if needs be.

The Maestro software integrates the control of the instrumentation into a single operator interface that runs within the Agilent ChemStation software.

Since its launch a few years ago, the 1D/2D has sold very well Globaly, and has become the gold standard for analytical work in its field.

GERSTEL recently published an article on the use of this system for the analysis of flavours in wine. The article gives a good explanation of what the 1D/2D is all about.

I have just loaded a copy of the article into the Resource section of the Anatune website and if you would like to read it, you can find a copy to download here: Article GERSTEL 1D/2D System