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About Us

We are a team of experienced analytical chemists; we have done your job and we believe the old way of buying analytical instrumentation isn’t fit for purpose.

Our way is collaborative, competent and customer focussed.

Our way is all about great support, efficient organisation and an understanding that the job isn’t finished until your new instrument is doing what you bought it to do.

Our way is about supporting you, your instrument and your applications for the life of your instrument.

Once you have experienced our way, you will never go back to the old way!


scott, dunham, commercial, director

Scott Dunham

UK Sales Manager

After completing my MSc in Chemistry from the University of Hull in 2010, I worked as an analytical chemist for a contract testing laboratory before joining Crawford Scientific in 2013 to sell chromatography columns and consumables to accounts in the North of England. In 2018 I joined the Chromatography and Mass Spec division in Thermo Fisher Scientific where I sold analytical instrumentation to customers in Yorkshire and the North East. I then moved on to developing OEM business in the UK for Ocean Insight, a supplier of miniature spectrometers, before joining Anatune as the Sales Manager.

I am looking forward to my work with Anatune immensely and can’t wait to see what opportunities can be explored and which customers can be delighted!

When not at work, I am a father to three wonderful children and I love to engage in nerdy pursuits (the nerdier the better…) and eat spicy food!”


Suzanne Nicholas

Finance & Quality Manager

I joined Anatune in April 2000.

My main areas of responsibility cover all aspects of Anatune’s accounts, order processing and customer services together with being part of the company’s management team.

My favourite part of the job is working with a great team.

My first job was working as a Service Department Administrator at the Computer Centre on Milton Science Park. I then moved to Semitool (Europe), again based in Cambridge where my role was covering accounts and customer order processing. Thereafter, I moved to Anatune, initially to cover for Sue Roach who was on maternity leave. The move was made permanent and I was appointed Office Manager in October 2000.


Alix Garth-Greeves

Service Manager

I joined Anatune in March 2020 from British American Tobacco (BAT) where I was an analytical chemist.

At BAT I was responsible for projects that run on GC-MS pathways with a specialism in dynamic headspace analysis. Throughout my career I’ve delivered many proof of concept projects and have overseen high-quality analytical chemistry services to R&D departments and customers. I’ve done analytical and forensic chemistry, with experience in environmental, conservation, food and flavour sciences.

I was promoted to Service Manager in December 2021 and I’m keen to use my knowledge and experience to continue to help our customers in every way we can.

In my free time, I enjoy camping in the great outdoors with my husband and baby boy. The best thing I bake is banana bread with chocolate chips.


Account Management

Sean O'Connor

Account Manager Team Leader

I started my analytical career in quality control laboratories in the flavour industry where I studied for my degrees part time whilst gaining knowledge of wet chemistry and developed my love for chromatography and mass spectrometry. I transferred these skills to Unilever where I developed my analytical skills further as part of their Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre, developing methodology to assist their environmental toxicology risk assessments and as part of their drive to develop non-animal testing solutions for the personal care industry. I joined Anatune in 2014 as an applications chemist and moved to account management in 2016.


Phine Banks

Business Development Manager

I studied an Undergraduate Master’s Degree in Chemistry at the University of Bristol, starting in 2011, writing my Master’s thesis on NIPAM minigel ‘Janus’ particles, the effect of changing pH on the particles was investigated.

Before joining Anatune, I have had 3 and half year’s experience working at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), working within the Operation Chemical Sensing Team.  During this time I worked on the characterisation of operation environments and the test and evaluation of chemical detectors.

I was the local subject matter expert for a vapour sampling and analysis capability.  This was used to capture and analyse samples from operational environments.  I was responsible for running trials alongside the military usually during training exercises.

I am a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and I am currently working towards chartered status.

I joined Anatune as the Account Manager for the West of England at the beginning of February 2015.


musab, swaleh, account, manager

Musab Swaleh

Account Manager - Midlands & South West

After completing my Bachelor’s at Aston University in 2018, I joined PI-KEM Ltd as a Technical Sales Executive, specifically within the energy research sector. In this role I gained a detailed understanding of current challenges within next-generation battery research. Covering the UK and Europe, I was able to increase my knowledge of small to large scale equipment that is used to produce the batteries we now have in all electric vehicles. This experience led me to want to take on a new role, in which I could combine my knowledge of organic and inorganic chemistries with my understanding of supplying large and automated scientific research equipment. Therefore, I joined Anatune as Account Manager for the Midlands and South-West and I look forward to developing many close and productive relationships in this thriving region. In my free time, I like to focus on music; playing guitar as well as other instruments, and composing my own melodies. I also like to stay active; whether that’s going to the gym and swimming, or playing cricket during the summer.



Camilla Liscio, Senior Application Chemist

Camilla Liscio

Principal Scientist

I joined Anatune in January 2016 as an Applications Chemist.

I completed my Master Degree in Chemistry at the University of Genoa, Italy, in 2005, and then obtained my PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2009. I worked for 3 years as Researcher at LGC, UK’s Designated National Metrology Institute for Chemical and Bio-Measurement in the Measurement Research team.

I look forward to sharing my scientific experience with you, to achieve together high quality analytical results.


mark perkins_applications chemist

Mark Perkins

Senior Application Chemist and SIFT-MS Specialist

I joined Anatune in April 2015 in the role of Applications Chemist. I was formerly with TARRC where I was head of the Materials Characterisation Unit.

In my time at TAARC, I gained 12 years’ experience in polymer R&D, testing and analysis, having joined the company in 2002 as a Senior Analyst running the gas and liquid chromatography section.

I graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc (Hons) degree in Chemistry in 1992, followed by a PhD in electrochemistry.

Here at Anatune, I will be performing the role of Product Specialist for our new range of SIFT-MS products.


Kathy Ridgway, Senior Application Chemist

Kathy Ridgway

Senior Application Chemist

I gained my first degree from the University of Surrey and during more than ten years working for Unilever Research, I completed my PhD at the University of Loughborough entitled “Determination of trace contaminants in food”. My work focused upon alternative extraction techniques, in particular stir bar sorptive extraction to examine taints and off-flavours in foods.

Before joining Anatune, I worked as a technical specialist for RSSL in Reading.

I have published papers, contributed chapters to several books and written a review on the topic of off-flavours and taints in food. I have also been a long-term customer of Anatune and have used GERSTEL instrumentation extensively.

I am a Chartered Chemist, an active member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, in particular as a member of the food group committee.  I am also a season ticket holder and enthusiastic supporter of Everton FC.

I joined Anatune as a GC-MS applications chemist in June 2014.  I love the variety of applications that we see in the lab.  Working with our customers to provide an automated solution that works for them is very satisfying…


Jonathan Dunscombe, Senior Application Chemist

Jonathan Dunscombe

Senior Application Chemist

Starting my career, I gained a Chemistry Degree at University of Cardiff.  Taking a pause from the scientific pathway, I trained as a science teacher.  Shortly after, realising that an industrial setting was where I wanted to go, I took up position as a lab technician with Severn Trent Services.

It is with this company that I stayed for six years gaining experience in multiple techniques and analyses across multiple chemistry based disciplines.  I also managed a team for two years learning what it takes to manage a functioning team coping with high throughput and short turnaround times.

During this time I gained experience using different GERSTEL MPS equipment; notably a dual rail headspace system and dual head ITSP solution.  My strengths lay within the water industry and it is through this experience that I hope to add to the Anatune team.

I joined in January 2017 as an Applications Chemist.  Before this I had many dealings with the Anatune team; this is where I experienced first-hand how experienced and enthusiastic the team are.  Being able to work with people spanning multiple industries is very exciting which also expands your knowledge of other disciplines.


colin, hastie, applications, chemist

Colin Hastie

Application Chemist

I joined Anatune in September 2018 in the role of Applications Chemist. Prior to this I was an analytical chemist in Unilever safety and environmental assurance centre.

In my time at Unilever, I predominantly provided analytical solution to allow environmental risk assessment, utilising GC/MS and LC/MS.

I graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a MSc degree in forensic and analytical Chemistry, and completed a part time PhD from the environment centre of Lancaster University using passive samplers to allow aqueous monitoring.

Here at Anatune, I will be performing the role of applications chemist utilising both SIFT-MS and GC/MS products.



Andrew Jenks_Digital Marketing Manager

Andrew Jenks

Digital Marketing Manager

I studied at the University of Brighton and graduated with a BA Hons in Criminology & Sociology in 2006. From there, I developed a career in digital communications, gaining experience from industries including neuroscience, high-performance vehicles and automotive technology. I’ve previously worked as digital marketing management for both brands and agencies such as McLaren Automotive, KHWS, Aon Corp, and Jellyfish.

I joined Anatune in April 2021 as Digital Marketing Manager at what is a very exciting point in Anatune’s history. I’m very much looking forward to doing all I can to transform how Anatune engages and interacts with our audiences, whilst offering as much value as possible to the wider scientific community.

Away from work I have a passion for sport (cricket, golf, football, rugby, F1…you name it…), and like to travel alongside study of modern history. I also ran my own fine wine business for a few years so I always enjoying keeping up-to-date with as much wine as I can…


Martin Perkins


I joined Anatune in July 2018 as a Marketing Strategist.After earning a B/A in Humanities from the University of Brighton, I worked for four years in advertising as a Brand Strategist where I worked on a wide variety of brands from microwavable burgers to luxury whiskeys. During this time I developed many of practical skills that I’m enjoying applying to Anatune.
Having always taken a keen interest in science and secretly wishing I’d have pursued it further, it’s a pleasure to work somewhere that is genuinely contributing something positive to the world.


Office Management & Sales Administration

mike pool, administration,

Michael Pool

Administration Assistant

I joined Anatune in June 2019 as an Admin Assistant. Previously I spent twenty years in the Travel Industry and was lucky enough to travel to many varied and interesting parts of the world during this time particularly the USA and the Far East

Following a downturn in the Travel Agency industry, I then moved into the Office Supplies world and spent over ten years with the AP Group in a Sales Support Role.

The varied experience I have gained throughout my career is now being put to good use in my role with Anatune and I really enjoy working in the busy Admin Dept as no two days are the same!

Away from work, I enjoy watching most sports particularly football and cricket and I have a Season Ticket at Cambridge United. I also enjoy walking and especially like getting in amongst the Lake District fells whenever I can.



julian chan_Support manager

Julian Chan

Principal Support Engineer

I joined Anatune in September 2011. I am a member of the Customer Support Team, providing support for the south of England.

Previously, I worked as an analytical chemist in an environmental laboratory specialising in headspace analysis of volatiles and pesticide analysis by GC-MS. I also have experience in GC/MS/MS and method development.

I have an MSc in Forensic Science from Anglia Ruskin University and BSc in Forensic Science from the University of Kent. I am based in Hertfordshire.

As principal Support Engineer, it’s my responsibility to ensure my team provides our customers with all the support they need with minimal disruption to their work.


Simon McInulty, Senior Support Engineer

Simon McInulty

Senior Support Engineer

I joined Anatune in March 2008.

My main area of responsibility is providing service support, although my background as an analytical chemist enables me to offer application support and training, when needed.

I am very happy to be working with a great team.

I graduated in 1992 with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Surrey. After University I joined BICC Cables based in Wrexham undertaking Polymer analysis. After BICC Cables I joined TES Bretby as a Chemical Analyst covering VOC/SVOC analysis by GC and GCMS. My last post before joining Anatune was with WSP Environmental Laboratories as a Section Manager.

In December 2010, I became the first staff member to earn Anatune’s Service Superstar Award.


Paul Robbins

Senior Support Engineer

I joined Anatune as a Support Engineer in October 2014.

I have an honours degree in chemistry from the University of Northumbria and I began working as an analyst with Akzo Nobel (International Paints) in Newcastle, where I used a variety of chromatographic, spectroscopic and wet chemistry techniques.

I also worked for Sanofi for several years developing bio-assay methods for use in clinical field trials.

For the last twelve years I have worked as a Service Engineer with both Jaytee Biosciences and Agilent Technologies; carrying out repairs and preventative maintenance on a wide range of chromatography instruments from most of the main manufactures.

The best thing about this job? I enjoy working with a great team of experts!


Tony Mares

Support Engineer

I joined Anatune in September 2018 as a member of the Customer Support Team. I graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University, After University I joined an environmental company based in Kent where I worked for 5 years performing soil and water analysis using GC-MS and GC-FID. It was during this time I developed a keen interest in the inner workings of the machines I worked with. So it was a pleasure to join this great team of experts!


Jamie Minaeian, Support Engineer

Jamie Minaeian

Support Engineer and SIFT-MS Specialist

I joined Anatune in September 2017 as an Applications Chemist.

I completed my PhD in September 2016 in Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of York. I gained experience of GC/MS and thermal desorption, along with atmospheric measurements of VOCs.  During my PhD, I was frequently sent out across the world to investigate atmospheric composition, in locations such as the Arctic Circle, Guam and the Falkland Islands.

Following on from this, I spent six months in New Zealand, working for Syft Technologies in Christchurch. Here, I gained experience with several aspects of the instrument, as well as troubleshooting and diagnostics and look forward to bringing this experience to our customers.


Hannah Breddy

Support Engineer

I joined Anatune in August 2021 as a member of the support team. I graduated from University College London in 2017 with a degree in Biochemistry. Following graduation, I worked for LGC where I was using LC/MS to analyse biological samples from clinical trials. After LGC I joined Campden BRI where I worked for three years in the flavour & taint group. Here I was using GC-QTOF to analyse VOCs in food and drink to then be able to identify the compound(s) responsible for the taint present in a product. I am looking forward to using this experience in my role as a support engineer.


Dan Cheadle

Senior Support Engineer

In 2000 I started my career as an Analytical Chemist for Global Analysis in the food testing division.  It was here where I starting studying for a BSc in Chemistry part time alongside my role at Global.

In 2006 I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BSc (HONS) in Chemistry.  I continued to develop my career as an analytical chemist – gaining experience in method development and validation in HPLC, HPLC-MS, GC, GC-MS within the Pharmaceutical industry, Fragrance sector and Chemical processing sectors.

In 2012 I began my journey as a Field Service Engineer with Perkin Elmer and have developed experience in GC, GC-MS, ATD, Head Space and HPLC on Perkin Elmer, Entech Instruments, Agilent, and Shimadzu systems.

In 2019 I joined Effectech as a Laboratory Support Engineer for a World Leading Gas Metrology Laboratory and helped to set up a programme of Maintenance for over 30 GC systems, built and validated bespoke GC systems for Gas analysis solutions, and offered GC training to internal staff and external customers in the Training Academy. In 2022 I became a Senior Field Service Engineer here at Anatune.

In my free time I play Euphonium culminating in playing in the official theatre production of Brassed Off and am a supporter of Burton Albion.  I enjoy spending time with my family including trips with my daughter to Thomas Land.


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