2017 International Symposium on Vehicle Emissions and Interior Air Quality – Is there a way to make life easier and more efficient?

Martin Perkins

15th August 2017

Automotive, Interior Air Quality, Phine Banks, Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry, SIFT-MS, Syft Technologies, Symposium, Vehicle Emissions,

Syft Technologies have been working with a number of automotive manufacturers for the last few years to investigate the significant advantages of using SIFT-MS for measuring vehicle emissions and interior air quality.

Currently, tube samples are collected and analysed by both GC-MS and HPLC.  Forthcoming changes in legislation, will create a need for tests that are faster, cheaper and more efficient.

The analytical challenges facing the automotive industry and testing laboratories, will be the subject of this symposium and will include the following topics:

  • Impact of China’s VIAQ legislation
  • Independent technology evaluations
  • Evaporative emissions
  • Exhaust gas ingress into cabin air
  • High-throughput VOC and aldehyde analysis

Keynote speakers:

  • Mark Polster, Ford Motor Company
  • Dr Mark Dearth, Ford Motor Company
  • Dr Andreas Wehrmeier, BMW
  • Prof Yunshan Ge, Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Dr Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, imat-uve
  • Dr Michael Holzwarth, imat-uve
  • Kurt Thaxton, GERSTEL GmbH

The format of the meeting will provide time for individual and group discussions.

The symposium will be held at the Ecos Office Centre, Darmstadt, Germany on the 7th and 8th November 2017.

Signs are that this meeting will be well attended (I will definitely be there).

If you also want to attend, you can find more information and how to register here.  If you register before the 6th October, you can get an early bird discount!!