Pay-Per-Sample LC-MS/MS

Martin Perkins

27th February 2013

Recently a Consultant Clinical Scientist mentioned to us that their Trust had a well defined process for saving costs, but no process at all for investment.

Consequently, their business case for mass spectrometry was languishing on a dusty shelf, for lack of a capital budget. This was despite the fact that not only would MS save the lab money, but it could also generate an income for the department.

Per-per-sample LC-MS/MS from Friiscan is designed to liberate you from these kinds of capital constraints. It helps you to use ‘reagent-rental’ type of arrangements to obtain the high-end mass spectrometry instrumentation that you need.

We are going to be at Focus this year (the annual conference of the ACB), as guests of Agilent Technologies at booth 13, so you can find out more by grabbing us at the exhibition.

Alternatively, email with details of the assays that you would like to move to Mass Spectrometry, or call Paul Nosal on 01223 279210.