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A powerful centrifuge for the GERSTEL MultiPurposeSampler (MPS robotic). Centrifugation of up to 6 samples at up to 4500 rpm/ 2000 g.

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The GERSTEL CF200 is a powerful centrifuge for the GERSTEL Multipurpose Sampler (MPS robotic). The CF200 performs centrifugation of up to 6 samples at up to 4500 rpm/ 2000 g. Centrifugation power can be specified in rpm or in g force using the GERSTEL MAESTRO software. Easily replaceable rotors are available.

In combination with GERSTEL CF200 Centrifuge, the GERSTEL MPS performs sample preparation and sample introduction. The MAESTRO PrepAhead functionality ensures Just-In-Time sample preparation followed directly by sample introduction to the LC/MS or GC/MS for best possible productivity and throughput.

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  • Reliable and quick phase separation for liquid/liquid extraction (LLE)
  • Solvent safe centrifuge
  • Accelerated sedimentation of particles and solids
  • High flexibility due to quick and easy rotor exchange
  • Available rotors: 6 position rotor for 2 mL vials, 6 position rotor for 4 mL or 10 mL vials and 2 position rotor for 20 mL vials (force limited to 1500 g)
  • Imbalance sensor
  • Emergency stop button

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