IT Is Our Problem, Not Yours

Martin Perkins

4th June 2019

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With the clock ticking for older versions of Windows operating systems, many people’s attention has turned to operating system upgrades as we move into the Windows 10 era.

On paper this appears a trivial task… click the drop down, remind me in 4 hours, work for four hours, repeat for months on end until you think screw it! Click Go… Right?


The process is fraught with potential software compatibility issues.

“MassHunter – a fatal error has occurred and must close, sorry for the inconvenience this causes” is a particular favourite of our engineers. As polite as this automated message is, it doesn’t get your samples analysed and your customer data out of the door.

This whole sorry tale is compounded by the eternal battle between instrument manufacturers and IT departments. Manufacturers refuse to support any other PC than their own and IT departments refuse to use any PC other than one they have built!

Sound familiar?

Here at Anatune we will support you through the upgrade process, even during the purchase of a new instrument that has to use your own PC. We will work with your IT department to get you producing the data you need on the PC of your choice.

If you are beginning your Windows 10 upgrade journey or have lost your will to live halfway to your IT destination, please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will work with you to support you and get your PC fully functional!