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26th July 2021

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Anatune’s 25 Years of Progress is further marked by a development that will have far-reaching benefits for our customers as we are delighted to announce that Anatune is an Authorised Distributor for LECO Systems in the UK.

Over 80 years since its formation, LECO continues to be a family-owned company in its third generation of leadership and is recognized globally as a leader in the development of high-quality elemental and thermal analysis equipment, mass spectrometers and chromatographs, metallography and optical equipment, and consumables.

By working closely with researchers to find the right equipment for the type of analysis being undertaken, LECO instrumentation has delivered analytical success across the world. The synergy with Anatune’s business vision and our commitment to delivering automated analytical solutions is clear, and the entire Anatune team is excited to be bringing LECO’s instrumentation to new analysts and laboratories.


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For a quarter of a century, Anatune has been an industry-leading Solutions Provider for Automated Analytical Instruments, Applications & Customer Support. Specialising in techniques such as GC, GC-MS, 1 and 2 Dimensional GC-TOFMS, and LC-MS, Anatune’s automated solutions are end-to-end and designed to optimise lab workflows and data accuracy.

As such, becoming an authorised distributor for LECO instruments will allow Anatune to further fulfil the needs of our customers with LECO’s industry-leading instrumentation.

In the words of Kevin Boyce, Anatune UK & Ireland Sales Manager, “We are very excited to be working with LECO to bring 1&2 Dimensional GC-TOFMS to our customers. Adding LECOs 2D GC-TOFMS to the Anatune toolkit, really extends our capabilities as a true End to End Solutions Provider.”

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Kevin Boyce, Anatune Sales Manager UK & Ireland

Speaking about the official launch of the partnership, Anatune Managing Director, Alan Lockley, said:

“This is a fantastic development for Anatune and our customers. It means we’ll be able to bring more innovative solutions to the UK & Ireland’s scientific community than ever before. LECO is recognised globally as a leader in the highest quality mass spectrometers and chromatographs, and products such as the Pegasus BT GC-TOFMS offer truly significant possibilities for the advancement of lab processes and analytical results. Combined with Anatune’s expertise, application support and system service options, I’m very excited to be an authorised distributor for LECO instruments to our customers in order to continue to help them achieve their research goals.”

Alan Lockley, Anatune Managing Director

Alan Lockley, Anatune Managing Director

“Anatune is part of the Arch Science Group which has very recently been acquired by Element Materials Technology in what is another extremely positive development for us. But like family-owned LECO, we treasure our heritage and the culture it has given us. Therefore, we’ll always remain just at the other end of a phone for anyone who needs us.”

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Today’s laboratories are being asked for more everyday—more samples run, more data acquired, more chemical information processed, and more results achieved—all in less time, for less money. The Pegasus® BT GC-TOFMS allows you to achieve all of the data you need from a single sample run, while powerful yet user-friendly ChromaTOF® software processes your data and removes the guesswork involved with analyte identification, quantitation, and reporting. The Pegasus® BT GC-TOFMS give users more uptime, improved chemical data, and an increase in overall productivity and efficiency.

If you already own a compatible GC, we also have an upgrade path to add the Pegasus® BT GC-TOFMS capability to your existing system.

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LECO, 4d, gc-tofms,LECO Pegasus BT 4D GCxGC-TOFMS

The Pegasus® BT 4D offers enhanced sensitivity by coupling our benchtop Pegasus BT with a high performance GCxGC modulation system. This combination gives the Pegasus BT 4D the ability to interrogate challenging samples where the best sensitivity is needed. Unique and powerful software and hardware features simplify quantitation, while also making GCxGC easy-to-use and understand.

The Thermal Modulation System provides the highest sensitivity available on the market for those analyzing the most complex samples.

The new FLUX™ flow modulation system is an excellent option for those looking for added capability over one dimensional GC.

If you already own a compatible GC, we also have an upgrade path to add the Pegasus BT 4D capability to your existing system.

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