The Automation of Sonication, Mixing and Dilution On-line with HPLC for a Pharmaceutical Application

Martin Perkins

4th April 2018

Manual sample preparation remains a common approach to many analytical pharmaceutical methods, often due to the complexity of preparation, particularly dissolution, mixing and dilution. However manual preparation can be very labour intensive, prone to errors or inconsistency and cannot be performed continually 24/7. This application note describes an automated sonication, mixing and dilution method for pharmaceutical API analysis. Linearity, over the range of 0.25 – 1.00 μg/mL gave an R2 greater than 0.996 with mid-range repeatability of 2.0% RSD (n=3). Recoveries were shown to be between 80-113%, overall demonstrating that the method was suitable for this application. The automated sample prep was performed during the LC runtime using the GERSTEL Maestro PrepAhead, enabling an efficient analysis method to be developed and offering advantages when analysing unstable compounds.


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