Rapid Analysis of BTEX in Water Using Automated SIFT-MS

Martin Perkins

11th September 2019

BTEX are a group of compounds (benzene, toluene and xylenes) which originate in the environment from a number of sources. This group of compounds may pose potential human health and ecological risk and benzene has been classi´Čüed as carcinogenic to humans and animals. Various techniques have been employed to analyse BTEX in water, with Purge and Trap followed by GC analysis being the most common. However, these methods are generally slow, and require the removal of water vapour, prior to injection into the GC. However, direct headspace analysis using SIFT-MS mitigates the need for the water removal step, and as a real-time technique, substantially increases throughput. This application note demonstrates a quick calibration approach to determining the concentration of BTEX in water. The calibration curve gave R2 values >0.999 for all species, and a throughput of at least 12 samples per hour.


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