Preliminary Evaluation of ATEX-PTV-GC/Q-TOF-MS for the Determination of Pesticides in QuEChERS Extracts of Samples Containing High Concentrations of Chlorophyll

Martin Perkins

11th September 2019

The GC-MS analysis of pesticides in green commodities is challenging because non-volatile components build up in the inlet liner causing a deterioration in chromatographic performance. This application was developed to reduce the effects of this contamination by using Automated Tube Linear Exchange – Programmable Thermal Vaporisation – Gas Chromatography – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (ATEX-PTV-GC/Q-TOF-MS). ATEX-PTV-GC/Q-TOF-MS was evaluated for direct analysis of crude extracts of fresh herbs, chosen as a representative complex green plant matrix.  This system allows exchange of the sample tube in the GC inlet and hence reduces the effects of contamination.  In this application note 132 analytes were evaluated of which 98 were detectable in a 10 ng/g spiked sample.  Recoveries were variable across analytes and these could be improved with further method optimisation.



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