Large Volume Injection of Flame Retardants Using the CIS-4 Inlet

Martin Perkins

15th March 2018

GERSTEL’s Cooled Injection System 4 (CIS4) offers fast and accurate inlet temperature control from 10-350 °C and allows for the development of large volume injection (LVI) methods which enables lower detection limits to be achieved. A method was developed to determine the levels of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in waste water treatment work effluents using and Agilent GC-QQQ in MRM mode. Good linearity was achieved for a sample concentration range of 0.1-15 ng/L, with R2 of greater than 0.999. Analysis of over 100 AQC samples yielded precision of less than 10% RSD… demonstrating the robustness of this technique. The rapid cooling possible on the GERSTEL CIS also enabled a significant time saving to the analysis compared to the previous LVI method.


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