Automated Extraction and Derivatisation for the Detection of Steroids in Blood Using Mitra® Microsampling Devices

Martin Perkins

26th June 2019

Blood microsampling offers a very appealing alternative to current anti-doping procedures as it is significantly less invasive and does not require specialists for sample collection. Samples are easy to transport, are stable over extended periods of time and cheaper to both use and store. Recently, a new blood microsampling technology has emerged; the Mitra® microsampling device, driven by Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology. This application note describes the optimisation of an automated workflow for the extraction, derivatisation and analysis of steroids from Mitra® devices for anti-doping purposes. The optimised automated method has been compared to the existing manual method to evaluate recoveries and assess method performance. Recoveries ranged between 84% -146% for the manual method and 77%-128% for automation. Good agreement was observed between the manual and automated approach.


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